Title: Untouchable God

Author: Kancha Ilaiah

ISBN: 9788185604336
Pages: 248
Description: This witty, tongue-in-cheek novel laughs at the foibles and hypocrisies of Brahmins and upper castes. A group of important men get together to celebrate the death of an untouchable for the alleged crime of thinking about God , which they have ‘arranged’, because they see themselves as the guardians of the right way of living, namely, upholding the caste system. Thinking about God might lead to thoughts of equality and then all hell breaks loose.

These six men represent the remarkable Brahmins of India. Rich with moments of wry humour and insight, the novel rips off the liberals’ denial of crime when it concerns caste. Taking a deeply human stance and written by one of the most respected commentators on caste issues in India today, Ilaiah presents a view from below, of the sorrows and the trials of the weak, a part of the fabric of India itself, with a deceptive lightness that is devastating.
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